FIFA 2018


Zikmedia is organizing the FIAPE 2018 

Promoted by the International Association of Assistance and Support to African Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs (AIESAEA), the first International Forum for Handicrafts and Promotion of African Entrepreneurs, called FIAPE 2018, will be held in Paris, France.


It will bring together an audience of art industry professionals, specialized economists, successful, anonymous or recognized entrepreneurs, traders and buyers from all over the African continent and even from Europe, America and from Asia.

This event, both public and professional, will aim to promote all trades Crafts and highlight excellence "Made in Africa".

SITA 2018

International Trade Show for African Television

Zikmedia is organizing the one of a kind event in Paris, the International Trade Show for African Television (SITA 2018). 

SITA is a global platform with the purpose of revealing and showcasing works to serve in the evolution of programs, to promote the development of the African audiovisual industry in the world and to celebrate the 8th art.

La Phare de Seine

La Phare en Seine restaurant offers 100% fresh and tasty ingridients along the seine at Choisy le roi.

Zikmedia organized the Flamenco party that was held at the Phare de Seine Restaurant. You entrust us with your project, we transfom it into an event. We also ensure the communication behind the event to turn your event into a succes!