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Creative genius in web design known throughout the web industry for unique un-paralleled creativity and dedication.

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Zikmedia tells you what you need to know about your customers,

how to use this information to sell to them more effectively, and how to win business from your competitors.

Global event and production communication agency

We think differently from our competitors, which makes us to remain strong in the market, we have excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.
We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. 

Zikmedia is a global communication agency with the ability to use all communication techniques: visual identity, graphic design, publishing, digital, advertisement design, audiovisual, marketing, ethnic marketing and street marketing. In this capacity, Zikmedia is defined as a multidisciplinary agency adapting itself to any type of client.

Our listening capacity, our graphics and technological skills enable us to achieve a targeted and diversified communication

Our Mission
Communication is our business. We focus mainly in helping businesses, communicate better in the public sphere with their customers and employees. For any project, our goal comes down to enforce the customer brand. How the state? Who to target? Our communication is bilateral; We do not impose anything because we are listening to our customers form strong relationships. Our mission is to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients using our knowledge, experience and creativity to effectively communicate their brands. We provide client companies the right audience with the right message at the right place. Support our clients in the implementation of their projects. We listen to our customers to advise and implement an effective personalized strategy, according to their needs and ambitions. The philosophy of our agency: to provide an effective solution to meet your demand.

Ours Achievements

If there's a Agency that never goes out of style, it is Zikmedia


Projet Completed


Awards Received


Happy Clients


Times Faster

Media and Event management 83%

Street Marketing, Multicultural marketing 76%

Media and Content Creations 97%

Web Design and Development  88%

Application and Graphic Design 76%

Press Communication 97%

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